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my Blog


About 2017, I'll tell you mine

I thought to create my blog, telling you what happened to me last year and the reason why I decided to become a wedding planner.

Last year was not easy, twelve months complicated and tortuous, but, perhaps for this reason, it was important and instructive… if everything carried out on two parallel tracks. On the first Denise and her work in the insurance field, on the other one her passion.

There are things that we cannot control, but we can always decide how to react to the situations.

In recent years, I helped one of my friends several times to organize events, and during this period of my life I organized my first marriage: like a bolt of lightning that I will never forget and in that moment I decided to realize my dream: "Denise Fava Wedding Event", wherewith I would like to make happy many people!

So I took a break, I stopped dividing myself between this activity and my job in order to dedicate myself to things that me really interested.

The time is ripe for change, for something that piqued my interest, for a dream.


In October I went to Milan to attend a Wedding Planner course and when I returned, I understood that I had chosen the right track.

So we arrive today, the day my new job is officially born.

It's time to start with this new life, because my planning at the beginning of the year is fully booked. If I look back, I see the paths on that I walked and I smile because despite everything I have to be grateful to this 2017.

I breathe life and live my dream.


I will tell you in this Blog, ideas, tips and suggestions to make that day unforgettable.

There are no problems,
only solutions.
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