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Impeccable paggetti, adorable Ring Bearer

Last week, talking about flower girls, we also called ring bearers and pageboys, those usually bring the pillow with rings to the altar.
The most traditional brides can not really renounce them, who would resist the tenderness and the
dearness of these little men?

But be careful, because they are not dolls and if we want to soften the atmosphere with their
presence, we have to let them live this experience as a fun moment.

For this reason we have to be careful how we decide to dress them.

While the "Flower Girl" look forward to wearing a white dress to look like a princess, the pageboys
don’t like shiny shoes and ties.
Although there is certainly less choice for boys than for girls, you can decide, if to dress them
casual and informal, elegant as a groom or romantic, as a real "Garçonne".

A shirt and a sweater are enough to make them perfect or you can opt for a "naughty" look with
braces and shorter pants, if you want to make them feel comfortable.
The choice of the outfit of the boys has to be in line with your wedding, so the choice of the style
will depend a lot on that.

As for the bridesmaids, for the small pages too, shoes and clothes have to be paid by
the bride and the groom.
There are no problems,
only solutions.
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